Trader Joe’s: Creating and Enhancing Consumer Trends

Trader Joe’s is always a great place to spot trends, all under the arch of stress-free and wellness. The grocery retailer has been consistently ranked as a leader in consumer loyalty, customer experience and it is one of Gen Z’s most beloved brands – in addition to (or despite of?) being a Millennial favorite, too.

Everything about Trader Joe’s is designed to reduce stress, making it a “happy place” for shoppers. Here are some strategies you can spot at the store through design, product assortment, service and merchandizing.

1. Curation. The TJ’s private label ensures high quality, low prices and on-trend products to fit consumer trends, diets and lifestyle. In addition, TJ’s has a small, accurate, and ever-changing variety of local and artisanal brands to enhance the feeling of community. For example, plant-based and vegan foods and snacks; “do it yourself” trendy drink making; “staff favorites” connecting the staff and customers. Curation allows to reduce FoMo – meanwhile avoiding a feeling of overwhelming variety – you can see everything in the store.

2. Fun. Humor is part of the brand positioning and everything is “tongue in cheek”. You shouldn’t take life so seriously – life is hard enough. This brand gets it, and uses every opportunity to make people smile – from the products, through the displays, to the employees.

3. Community. The role of community in stress-reduction is proven; here, the brand has a cult following, and many groups discussing and recommending new products. The brand engages with those groups on social media and we expect to see this as a growth engine for the brand.

4. Solutions over products. Convenience, ease of use, and understanding the consumption opportunity are obvious in the stores. Products solve a problem: a quick family meal, a healthy replacement for a takeout, an office meal, a kids lunch box snack.

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